Where high achievers turn into high performers

Never let things like stress, overwhelm, anxiety, or procrastination hold you back again.

We show high achievers how to unlearn the BS that causes negative emotions and help them gain control of the “chaos.” Removing these blockers allows them to perform and experience life better than ever before.

High achievers
like you

know how to reach and exceed goals

have a "cool" job

make a decent living

went to the "right" school(s)

But…there still this sinking feeling that something’s missing.

Meet a life coaching program that completely changes the way you experience life.

Ambition and determination are what made you. You overcame every barrier. You figured out how to put out every fire. You did everything you’re supposed to in order to get where you are today.

Stress and overwhelm are just part of the deal.


That’s a sh*tty deal.

We've got news for you:

There’s a better way to manifest the bad bitch energy we both know you have.

went to the "right" school(s)

Featured in
There’s gotta be more to life than...
Stacie orrico was right
Victim Mentality

F *ck that noise

All I have to say about that is…

Life With Tawny is a safe space where you’ll unlearn all the bullsh*t.

You know, the stuff you picked up from your family, personal trauma(s), society, the patriarchy…an overall series of unfortunate events. Never let those things hold you back again — ever.

Most importantly — do what you wanna do, not what you’re supposed to do or think you should be doing.

Seriously, I mean it! It’s all possible for you.

And it starts with managing your mind.

You can have whatever you want in life:

feel productive without feeling “busy”

love your job, instead of hate it

an unbreakable bond with your significant other

a healthy relationship with your parent(s) or family

feel unbothered, no matter what the haterz say

consistently go to the gym and stick to a diet

This ain’t any of that woo-woo bullsh*t either
We only believe in science here
This is how we do it
Like Montell Jordan

We relentlessly study brain science so you don’t have to (for those of you wondering, that’s neuroscience and cognitive psychology). And we make it easy to understand so you can feel and live like the bad bitch we always knew you were.

We make your mind a safe space in 3 steps:
1. Slow your roll

Slow down your thoughts so you can actually understand what's going on

Reframe limiting believes so they propel you forward, not hold you back.

3. fill your cup

Uncover easy ways to lead a life that feels better than you ever imagined it and on consistent basis.

Sh*t people say

About Life with Tawny

"I just want to say thank you so much. Tawny, you have truly helped me."

Mallory Haskins

"I am a lot more aware of my feelings and anxieties, which will help me gain confidence."

Camilla Han-He

"Our sessions have helped me lean into taking small bites of forward progress, to meet people where they are and to enjoy the ride! All of that has created momentum of progress in my life!"

Tiffany Wyse

I 'm Tawny.

I’m a Certified Life Coach & Bad Bitch. Think of me like a fairy godmother who helps you prepare for the ball that is life. And I promise to make you laugh along the way.

You can count on me to be there like a best friend.

I’ll never judge you, even when you tell me your deepest, darkest secrets.

And, I will never project what I want you to do; my job is to help you figure out what you wanna do. Then, we’ll put together an action plan for you to make it a reality.

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